Tales from the Dirty Duck

The ‘Swan with Two Necks’ – the ‘Dirty Duck’ as it is known colloquially – in the remote English village of Gossip Hill is the centre of community life, a place where the locals regularly gather to debate the burning issues of the day. Politics, religion, current affairs… all the things most of them known very little about. And when they have finished expressing their opinion, they tell stories, romanticised tales of all the things that have happen to them on their journey through life. Some of the stories are true, some of them blatant lies… all of them exaggerated beyond all recognition.

In other words, it’s a good, old fashioned, British pub where talking bull is a tradition… and tradition must be maintained.

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An unfortunate misunderstanding in hospital, the trauma of meeting a girl’s parents for the first time, and a trip to the zoo… what could possibly go wrong? Plenty when you’re Justin Farmer, life is out to get you and you don’t get on with animals.
It is not easy keeping a promise as Colin Bell found out. It is especially hard when you can’t remember making it, you’re expected to visit art galleries and museums… and you hate modern art with a passion.