The following are extracts from various reviews

Smoke, Flames and Crystal Streams

“… your work was found to be a most compelling, absorbing, and attractive piece of historical fiction, very well-written that will for sure captivate a wide audience…”

“… fascinating plot and how your work develops and unfolds through a captivating storyline and cast of characters, with support of historical references, keeping the reader enraptured up to the very last page”.

“It covers a piece of History not many people would have known about. This aligned with a story of crime and retribution that becomes a bit of a page turner makes for very good reading”.

No, Not Really

“I think the author has taken the Ealing Comedy style farce, given it a good polish and brought it into 2019. The story rolls along at a good pace. I look forward to further work from this author”.

“Not my usual read, but a light-hearted romp. Great holiday read”.

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